Chico Museum

History of Chico for the education and enjoyment of the community.

Volunteer Become a Chico Museum Volunteer

The Chico Museum’s mission statement is to acquire, conserve, research and communicate the rich history of Chico for the education and enjoyment of the community. This is the message embraced by staff and what we wish to convey to museum guests through the dedication and contributions of our dedicated group of volunteers.

Each year, innumerable hours are dedicated to greeting museum visitors, leading tours, creating and installing exhibits, hosting receptions, building maintenance and countless other tasks. We are very grateful for the accomplishments our volunteers achieve.

Serving as a volunteer at the Chico Museum provides a means of sharing Chico’s history with the community and visitors to the Chico area. We hope you consider becoming one of our faithful and committed volunteers and look forward to seeing you soon.

Volunteer Application

To become a volunteer at the Chico Museum, please complete the application and either drop it off at the museum (141 Salem Street) or email it to You will be contacted by the Chico Museum Outreach Coordinator to schedule a meeting

“Volunteering Can Be An Exciting, Growing, Enjoyable Experience. It Is Truly Gratifying To Serve A Cause, Practice One’s Ideals, Work With People, Solve Problems, See Benefit, And Know One Had A Hand In Them.”
–Harriet Naylor–