Chico Museum

History of Chico for the education and enjoyment of the community.

Current Exhibits

Chico Through Time

Chico through Time now has two new Exhibits. The first is a historical look at hotels including a number of different buildings but primarily highlights the three “grand” hotels: The Chico Hotel, The Park Hotel, and The Hotel Oaks. This new exhibit features artifacts, pictures, and information from Randy Taylor’s collection. The second is The Hmong, Our Neighbors exhibit which presents a pictorial and artifact view of this cultural community inside Chico. Other exhibits at the Museum include the Chico’s historic Chinese Temple built in the 1880s; a historical look at Chico City Schools, complete with the recreation of an elementary classroom one hundred years ago; and a behind-the-scenes look at the 1938 movie “Robin Hood” filmed right here in Chico’s Bidwell Park! The World War II exhibit features artifacts of that era from Chico. Also featured is a display of old police and fire department equipment used to keep Chico safe. Throughout the Museum are numerous photographs galore of our historic Chico.

Topographic Map

The McIntyre Gallery also houses a very large topographical map donated by the Discovery Shoppe League of Chico. This map visually confirms that we live in a valley, surrounded by the Cascade and Sierra Nevada Ranges to the north and east and the Coastal Range on the west.